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KYMCO UXV 500i 2009+ MUD6SPBT 6 Speaker Sound Bar by MTX Audio

KYMCO UXV 500i 2009+ MUD6SPBT 6 Speaker Sound Bar by MTX Audio

A sound bar is a great way to upgrade your TV and get a cinema sound in your living room, but for you? Our best round soundbar gives you the answer. In addition to television seem often bad, because the current trend of thin and beautiful designs around manufacturers for the right speakers left less space. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. There are good bars giving your TV a necessary sound support. They are a nice way to improve your sound without the hassle (and cables) of a system of traditional surround sound.

KYMCO UXV 500i 2009+ MUD6SPBT 6 Speaker Sound Bar by MTX Audio

KYMCO UXV 500i 2009+ MUD6SPBT 6 Speaker Sound Bar by MTX Audio

KYMCO UXV 500i 2009+ MUD6SPBT 6 Speaker Sound Bar by MTX Audio


If you need more space or reluctantly need an excellent system, a soundbar is the best option. They usually have two units, one speaker and one subwoofer. The loudspeaker is in front of your TV or it can be mounted on the wall. A subwoofer can be placed anywhere as it does not need you to. Some models – known as bases sounds – are provided for your television to them.

You will need more space if you want a complete home theater system. These include five or more speakers and a subwoofer. The size of the speakers will vary, but so you can find a design for your home.


The speaker cables can be harmful, especially for home theater systems. Some systems have all or some wireless speakers, but they cost more. If you choose a standard system, you should consider how to hide or lay the cables so they do not stay on the way.

The cables are less disturbing to its bars, unless there is room for the subwoofer being sited by the soundbar. By hand, wireless models are available.

KYMCO UXV 500i 2009+ MUD6SPBT 6 Speaker Sound Bar by MTX Audio

A soundbar is a thin speaker that includes several speakers housed in a long, rectangular housing designed to sit in front of or under the TV. If you mount your TV on the wall, you will notice that many sound bars come with a mounting kit, so you can stay directly under the TV. There are a variety of simple formats available in sound boards that provide an improved sound TV, more powerful models that offer an incredibly large and rich. Decide which level of connectivity you want to see your soundbar before buying and review the range of plans available for each model. All models should allow you to run a single optical or analogue audio cable from the TV and your soundbar. When you play Blu-ray discs, you need a soundbar that is compatible with HDMI, Blu-ray has as high-resolution soundtracks, which can only be sent over an HDMI cable. And when you play music from a smartphone or tablet over your sound bar, look for one that has a USB and / or Bluetooth. More audio quality, look for Dolby Digital and virtual surround. Some models even have an integrated subwoofer for deep bass.

You should also check that this output directs all incoming audio signals from connected devices such as Blu-ray players and game consoles and internal TV tuners. In this way, to listen to audio from all your devices, you need to have a single cable that is in your Soundbar Home Speaker.

Most soundbar have other inputs, including a mini-jack 3.5mm and / or stereo RCA jacks. They take analog sources and allow you to play audio from virtually any device, including mobile phones and tablets.

However, if you prefer wireless music playback from a mobile, search the built-in Bluetooth. With this method, however, note that if your mobile device and the Soundbar Home Speaker, the sound quality will not be as good.

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A soundbar is … well, a soundbar. In particular, there is a field several loudspeakers containing just below the screen of the TV sitting and giving your home cinema experience a real audio kick.

Despite the shiny advertising photos show that TV is displayed beautifully on a wall; It seems that most of us always put on a table our TV, so another popular choice we have found is working well, good sound without all the additional mass of the speaker to create is a solid base or solution Base. It's under your TV.

If you want the Audiophiles, who just want the best sound, can not beat a collection of carefully placed speakers. For everyone else, a soundbar can be all it needs. True, it's a compromise in terms of a multi-speaker configuration, but you can produce can be surprised by the sound quality that a soundbar. Its bars use a pretty intelligent technology that causes the surround speakers to mimic and will be a great improvement compared to the standard audio output of your TV set.