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The category of bars of sound continues increasing its popularity, being already strange that somebody does not know them. And it is not fortuitous. Solves the biggest problem inherent in today’s televisions: the low power of the speakers of our ultra thin TV and the big problem in the sound response in the mid and low frequencies with such small speakers. The fantastic thing about sound bars, unlike home cinema systems , is that they do not need the space and installation process of the equipment with several speakers.

The sound bars have become in recent years one of the most sought after Christmas gifts as they are capable of transforming the multimedia experience both when listening to music and when enjoying your favorite series or movies. Therefore, below we compiled the 5 best sound bars of 2016 .

Audiophiles know that good sound quality is very expensive, but today there are good options to improve our daily experience without spending a fortune . The sound bars are a good proof of this, since they will almost always help us to improve the sound of our TV , which with few exceptions already in the high range will surely have quite flat speakers.

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