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Why the soundbar is better than the home theater system.

Why the soundbar is better than the home theater system.

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The modern world flat TV system has excellent and advanced technology. But the drawback of 1 is a pair with a thin speaker’s thing that despite their full volume, they do not offer the same level of clarity and crispness we want. It is a place where such audiobars such as sound bars and home theater systems come in.

The question is, “Is there a better sound bar than home theater system?” Its unique design and soundbar are superior to home theater system but compared with what you can do with 5 or 6 speakers And they fall to the same level that they fill your room. time?

In today’s discussion, the sound bar explores several solid reasons to support statements about why it is better than the home theater system.


The sound bar offers a simple, one-piece boost to enhance the TV’s built-in stereo speakers. They run along the width of your flat screen TV and have different sizes. The home theater usually has a standard size. This means if you have a small TV which allows you to choose a small size soundbar and vice versa. It also complements the interior of the room. Although most of the soundbars may be displayed small, they produce powerful audio output.

Most of the sound bar also comes with a subwoofer unit as well. This gives an additional boost to the audio quality and provides a better experience than your expensive home theater system. They give you outstanding stereo separation and can be placed anywhere you want anywhere without fussing to handle too many wires.

Advanced sound bar on the market Some of today comes with a pair of satellite speakers that connect with the main main soundbar with a subwoofer and wirelessly and give the surround sound effect to your room. So, rather than relying on a single sound bar, you can get a full “sound bar system” when you spend a little more.

The subwoofer that normally comes along generates a powerful bass that optimizes low frequencies and helps to add crisp to the sound quality. Those who need significant improvement in the overall sound quality of their built-in TV speakers need to choose a bundle subwoofer along with the sound bar.

Benefits of owning a sound bar

1) Dialogue Clarity

Among many, one of the core objectives of the sound bar is to bring volume and fullness due to the sound quality of your TV. They offer great clarity to the human voice, which is quite dim, especially from built-in speakers. The number of sound bars on the market is also voicable, pronounced and clear, has a dialogue enhancement function. I personally feel that the transparency feature of the sound bar tends to feel good and give the surround sound effect in the room giving you the same experience as your home theater system. Unlike a home theater, alignment of the sound bar is not important. Just place it where in the room, it will produce crystal clear sound.

2) Even number winding

A sudden shift in volume while watching your television, you can get irritated, especially when the commercial is on suddenly when you are adjusted to a comfortable volume. But old versions of home theater also fail this sudden volume shift.

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However, the sound bar is equipped with a leveling technique of volume, ensuring the same level of volume, even if the commercial comes up or you change the station. If this function is also great for watching at night, do not be afraid it wakes up a sleeping family.

3) Surround sound effect

At that time, they just dominate the home theater at this point just as you thought the sound bar might be delaying the surround sound function. This is a great advantage, as it gives a surround sound effect or the home theater system still requires extra space in the room for proper alignment. With the Soundbar, you simply need a place where you can align it.

It is possible for multiple audio channels in the sound bar. Typically, there are 5 or 7 voice channels, each of which is assigned a separate sound to produce a 3 dimensional surround effect.

Modern sound bars also have the ability to fake them off into the ears that sounds off from the wall and the speakers that you feel like they are all around you.

4) Perfect music player

The sound bar does not just enjoy your TV program or movie. They are also convenient music players. Thanks to Bluetooth technology and Wi – Fi capabilities that make it possible to built in. You can simply stream your music directly from your smartphone or tablet and enjoy your music library with much more crisp audio quality.

Most of the soundbars also have a USB input that connects your flash drive with your favorite songs and listens to them anytime you want. You can also use the connected Blu-ray player to play your CDs and listen to them through the soundbar.

There are many brands that offer a sound bar with the ability to communicate with another music player, amplifier built-in speaker and receiver via a network connection that allows you to stream music wirelessly.

Placement options

1) Table top

Unlike home theaters, the sound bar gives you the freedom to place them wherever you want. Normally the home theater has a subwoofer that goes to a corner of the room to get a pair of great experiences standing up a speaker that is placed on either side of the satellite speaker and the TV. However, the sound bar can be placed in front of the television or attached to the wall to save space. It does not have to stick to stands or specific places.

While placing the sound bar in front of your TV, I recommend you measure the space between the flat panel stand and the bottom. This is to ensure that there are no remote control signals or blocks that are not any part of the picture on the TV. Many brands overcome this problem and offer IR repeater and sound bar of integration.

2) Mounting on the wall

Instead, you can have a wall-mounted TV, you just lay the sound bar on the table, mount it on the wall for an elegant setup. This way, you will be able to hide the entire room you will see cleanly with the power cord and connecting cable.

Most of the sound bar comes with a keyhole slot so you can easily install it. In case you are considering adding a special sound bar bracket to the joint bracket your TV is attached to the wall as well.

In this way, both works can move on the same plane. Also, you can buy a UNIVERSAL sound bar that easily connects to the back of the flat screen and enables you to mount conveniently.

3) Under the TV

How do you blend new audio gear with natural platform for your TV? Before doing this, make sure that the platform is wider than the base of your TV, always checking the checkbox of your sound bar for maximum TV weight. This placement option is very useful, especially for those who prefer subwoofers as well.

Additional Accessories Available on Demand

When you opt for a home theater, you are bound to buy the whole system that typically includes 5 speakers with a sophisticated cable connection. On the other hand, soundbars come with additional accessories that are available on demand. This means, you can buy a soundbar alone and even complement it with a subwoofer or a pair of satellite speakers as per your demands.


The subwoofer generates bass frequencies, makes them clearer and helps to make crispy. It enhances the volume and loudness of the TV and has a nice elegant body that looks great in one corner of the room. So, if you aren’t satisfied with a soundbar alone, you can always see the manufacturer’s options and check whether they have a soundbar that comes with a wireless subwoofer or not. You can also buy a separate subwoofer and connect it to your soundbar directly.

Most of the subwoofers that come with soundbar are usually wireless. They only need a power connection and the low frequency sound they reproduce is more or less non-directional. In this way, you have an ample of placement flexibility as well.

Also if you don’t have space for two separate pieces (soundbar + subwoofer), and still want good bass response, I recommend you to opt for a platform-style soundbar. They have large speakers that gives enough room to resonate and produce a better overall bass response.

Ease of Connections and Controls

Soundbars come with the ease of connections and control. All soundbars have an optical digital connection with HDMI connections as well for flexibility. Those having a multi-channel soundbar should use the HDMI connection. This ensures better sound quality from Blu-ray soundtracks. However, if you have an old flat screen, you can buy the 4K video compatible soundbars.

Once all connections are made, you can use your TV’s remote to control the volume. Your TV and cable or satellite remotes can be easily programmed to control the soundbar. However, soundbars have a remote control as well with free remote apps that you can download and use your smartphone or tablet as a remote.